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Financing Offered for Construction of New ‘Spec’ Homes

Mount Vernon may soon see an influx of new desirable, affordable housing. A major housing project created by the Greater Mount Vernon Association is in the works and expected to begin by September 1, 2017.  This program was created to improve the quality of life in Mount Vernon, increasing its […]

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History, Independence and Freedom: the Founding of Mount Vernon

Few holidays are as widely recognized in our country as Independence Day. After all, it is the nation’s celebration of history, independence and freedom. Fewer still, however, are connected with the history behind the city of Mount Vernon and the man who made many amenities  of the town possible. Early […]

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What’s All the Buzz? Five Reasons to Go to the Mount Vernon Riverfront!

Yes, Mount Vernon has always been located on the Ohio River, but it’s just been the last several years that there’s been such a flow of visitors and families visiting the Mount Vernon riverfront.  So, what’s all this recent buzz about, you ask? Well, from new additions to renovations, there […]

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