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Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife AreaHovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area

The Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA) is an portion of land, wetland and lake in Mount Vernon, Indiana. The Wildlife Area is rich with animal species and is open to hunters.

The parking lot and boat ramp are easy to maneuver. And because it is not a heavy-tourist trafficked area, Hovey Lake is a very serene place for locals.

The Mount Vernon Waterfront

If you haven’t been the the Mount Vernon Waterfront in recent years, you’ll be amazed at the level of renovation it has undergone. With these improvements, the waterfront has once again become a popular location for citizens to spend free time and enjoy the outdoors.

Riverbend Park|Open, public space
Benches and tables|Playground equipment |Amazing views

parks and rec amphitheater Amphitheater

The newest and most popular addition to the Mount Vernon riverfront is the amphitheater. This location is home to several civic events, concerts, festivals and much more.  The amphitheater is also a great addition to the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

Botanical Garden

Riverbend Park is also home to beautiful foliage to create an incredible outdoors experience. The area features walkways, landscaping and even a short nature trail. Children might even tell you their favorite part is the refreshing Splash Fountain!

Outside Dining

Feel like enjoying your meal in the great outdoors? Several of Mount Vernon’s most popular restaurant locations are just a few blocks away from Riverbend Park, making the public space an enjoyable step away from your busy life or the perfect venue for a romantic evening.

The Riverbend Park Amphitheater is available to rent for nearly any event. There is no cost to rent, but a small insurance fee is required. The Park is open 6AM-11PM daily.

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